Join me as we go beach hopping with a private car on the island of Malta!
The locations of beaches will differ slightly if the weather may not be the best in some locations.Malta has a wonderful combination of rocky and sandy beaches, and we will explore several of them in this tour. We will also visit some natural coves which are now used as caves also. You will see Malta’s sea life as I equip you with snorkeling equipment so you can sea Malta’s sea life yourself. I will show you well hidden coves and secrets, and you will truly enjoy every minute of it!Great pictures of amazing beaches are guaranteed!We will spend roughly 1 hour in each beach to truly take our time and enjoy it. Obviously times are catered to you, so if you want to shorten or lengthen any stay we can obviously do that!After we spent a good half day visiting Malta’s beautiful beaches we will relax and go to one of the best hidden locations in Malta to appreciate the sunset, whilst indulging in some Maltese delicacies and drinks.A perfect end to the day after we had some fun in the sun!Any concerns you might have feel free to message me as I am very responsive.Please note we will travel between beaches via private car(or van).


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