Fly the Ikarus C42B and experience a front seat view of the beautiful islands of Malta & Comino – The best way to see the wonderful Crystal & Blue Lagoons from the sky! (Can also be bought as a gift)

  • Extended flight
    • East or West Coast of Malta up to Comino, then return via Malta’s opposite coast. Areas of interest – Dingli Cliffs, Golden Bay area, Anchor Bay (Popeye Village), Blue Lagoon in Comino, Mellieha Bay, Xemxija Bay and St Paul’s Islands, St Julian’s and Valletta’s Grand Harbour.
  • Flight is done with a flying instructor – the plane can only take one person up at a time
  • After a briefing on how the aircraft’s controls work, you will be given the opportunity to handle the aircraft in flight under the instructor’s supervision
  • The trial flight lesson counts towards your training should you decide to take it up seriously


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